image of a man's hand with wedding bandChastity was birth out of a desire to provide a platform where anyone seeking to make a Vow of Chastity until Marriage would have a safe haven, prayer partners, and a support group. Here guidelines on courting aka dating, lifestyle changes, and skills needed to assist in the decision are taught.

From the Heart of My Father

Monthly nuggets from the Word of God to be used for learning, reflection, and teaching and spiritual growth and development.

Gems and Pearls

picture of a collection of multicolored gemstones

Every woman is a pearl of a girl; every man is a gem of a boy, radiating Christ — whether he or she knows it or not. Seeing yourself as God sees you.

Is a local ministry for young boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 12 that will provide a platform where young people can learn about the importance of self esteem, respect, manners, and be able to see themselves through the eyes of the one who created them. 

Hands of Love

image of a child with hand being held by an adult offscreenIs a ministry that provides assistance and education insight to Single Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians, who are training up God’s Gems and Pearls.

Jessie’s Pantry

image of a spoon filled with spicesProvides a little extra assistance with food and when possible a place during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season for those who are without family to come share a meal and experience the love of God.

H.O.P.E. (Hands of Prayer Extended)

image of the sun shining over a rooftop in silhouette Is a Ministry of prayer where you can anonymously submit your prayer request to have them prayed over or connect with someone from our staff to pray with you. 

Christmas Joy

image of snow blowing in the wind and sunlightProvides a little something extra to needy families during the Christmas Season.