Art; according to Webster one of the definitions of ‘art’ is a skill at doing a specific thing, typically one acquired through practice. This got me thinking about a phrase I have heard often in the last few months or so, and that is “the art of letting go.” Letting go of people, things, possessions, and in some cases goals and or dreams and ideas.” This got me to thinking about what it means to let go, and if letting go is so easy, why can it sometimes seem so hard? Then I ran across a quote by Joyce Meyer, “After a while you must let go of what lies behind you and press forward. If you don’t, the past will destroy your future.” I also read a paraphrase of Philippians 3:13, author unknown, that said “But I do concentrate on this: I leave the past behind and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead I go straight for the goal.”

What is your goal? How often do we find ourselves at a crossroads, at a place where the rubber meets the road so to speak. A place where a decision has to be made, and a line has to be crossed. Yet, if we were being honest, sometimes this place is a place of struggles. We struggle to let go, but we know we must move forward. So what do we do? This is where I hope the previous post will help in the journey.

It’s important that we know that we are safe. In a safe place, it makes it easier to make necessary changes and decisions. It’s also important that we know that we are in the hands of God no matter the challenge. Finally, it’s important that we realize that even if we have gone astray we are not so far away from our Father that he can not reach us. My prayer for the Month of July is that we will all realize how important it is to be in God’s hands, that there is safety there, that even if we feel lost, we can be found, and that in the place of safety we will develop the ability to ‘let go’. For some of us this will need to be the month we end some chapters to begin a new, and for others we will need to end the book altogether and move forward to a new novel. Whichever path is yours, it is my prayer that each of us arrive at our destination. Stop, think, reflect, and then act.

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